Diamond’s methodologies in relation to service provision include our clients at every stage. The process and outcomes reflect client management policies and procedures.

Our 13 Step Methodology Process includes:

  1. Operational Strategy – indicative implementation plan drafted and ratified when contract auctioned.
  2. Assessment – critical path analysis used to identify issues / assess successful rollout. Incorporates Risk Assessment (analytical tool to identify any risks), OH&S, Security Operation Assessment, Emergency Management, Facility Disbursement and Communications Planning.
  3. Stakeholders Consultation – meetings to discuss selection program for staff, operational methodology, training and equipment and safety criteria.
  4. Resources – all human, technology, operational and intellectual resources finalised and made available. Meetings with stakeholders to discuss potential retention of key staff from existing contractor.
  5. Project Management – complete mapping of implementation, roll out and operational requirement using Project Management Computer System.
  6. Induction Plan. Executed, specifically tailored to your business.
  7. Customer Service Program. As customer service is a high priority, the specialised customer service training program will be rolled out. Consultation to identify key areas. This is an accredited program through Holmesglen Institute.
  8. Uniform and Equipment Issue. Following consultation.
  9. Security Risk Register. Established to identify / plan for risks (potential / actual).
  10. Industrial Relations Strategy. Incorporating an IR mission, statement and procedures.
  11. Quality Management program implemented to ISO 9001:2008. Audits rolled out.
  12. OH&S and Environmental Management Plan. Plan developed (site specific), incorporating a viable risk management system based on AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009. Identifying low / medium / high / extreme and Crisis Management Plan activated.
  13. Sign off on contract- Establish financial systems. Development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) in security, emergency or training service methods.
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