Diamond acknowledges that the delivery of outstanding customer service is paramount in achieving its strategic objectives.  Diamond offers the following level of customer service to our client family. To highlight our commitment to both our clients “customers” and staff we have dedicated a strategic objective specifically for this purpose.

A key action identified is the development and implementation of a Customer Service Plan.

Customer service is our most direct interface with the community and clientele and contributes significantly to the wider perception of our services.

Customers are the reason for our existence and as such are our highest priority.  Every Diamond staff member accepts responsibility for the customer service delivered by our company.  Information gathered from recent customer service surveys, involving both external and internal customers, has been used to identify the needs of our customers and have assisted in the development of our Customer Service Plan.

Our Customer Service Plan incorporates:

·Background (why is this important)
·Executive Order
·Approach / Scope
·Our Customers
·Future Efforts
·Customer Satisfaction Surveys

All staff are required to complete a Practical Customer Service Program covering:

·What Customer Service is
·Our Customer Service Mission and Standards
·How your attitude affects customers
·How to identify and address customer needs
·How using excellent customer service can generate return business and maintain contracts
·How to build good will
·How to provide customer service via email, mail and over the phone
·How online tools can aid customer service
·How to deal with difficult customers
·Strategies to improve Customer Service
·Handling complaints, practical exercises and theory exam
·Continuous on-line training and development


What methods are employed to gather end user feedback?

Diamond creates a contract specific eRoom IT system incorporating the new Diamond Intelligent Communication System (DICS) for each client.  This innovative and cost saving initiative is provided at no cost to our clients (value add).
It allows capture of any data including auditable patrol inspection, statistics, incident reports, memos, emails, meetings and any other data related to the contract.  Clients are able to access the eRoom 24/7 and track the project details (via GPS) and other operational matters.  In addition, Uni Guard patrol attendance verification system is utilised and linked into eRoom.  The system is ‘tamper proof’ and consists of heavy duty wands, downloaders, software and checkpoints.  Reports are provided in real time.

In addition, the system also tracks, reports and monitors the following:

· Monthly Safety Reports
·Human resources (sick days, annual leave, change in employee status)
·Compliance with KPI’s & details and number of new and additional Services provided
·Complaint Register & Corrective Action requests
·Minutes of OH&S Safety meeting (quarterly)
·Weekly toolbox meeting minutes
·Injury register / Job Hazard Analysis in the event of accident
·Employee Report of Injury/incident/accident
·Hazard Notification Register, Accident Investigation reports and Site Training Record report
·Client documentation and opportunities for service improvement

This system is linked in with Diamond’s Integrated Management System to International ISO Standards (Quality, Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Management Systems).

The new eRoom facility will enhance the security and emergency management program and communication by providing a central online shared space to provide access to thought leadership and other technical material.  Each site is allocated with iPADs and IPhones which allow the eRoom and the Diamond Intelligent Communication System (DICS) to be utilised.

Diamond’s methods include:

·Management daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly meetings
·Online client portal
·Phone calls
·Daily supervisor meetings
·Observing our competitors
·Industry participation (industry bodies and activities)
·Interaction with professional organisations such Vic Pol, ASIO, DOTARS, AFP, CFA, MFB
·Customer satisfaction surveys
·Incident follow up
·Daily feedback from employees
·Directors visits (weekly / monthly)
·IT system information / reports

An essential element of Diamond’s Customer Service / Relationship Management (CSRM) is real-time feedback. Real-time feedback uses surveys conducted by online, phone, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), wireless messaging, and other means to gather real-time feedback from our customer family and suppliers. The surveys provide actionable intelligence on end users’ and customers’ attitudes, intentions, and perceptions, enabling Diamond to better:

·Anticipate and serve the needs of our customers and end users
·Build more productive and effective customer service / relationship channels
·Recognise and reward the most valuable Diamond customers
·Coach customers and our teams for outstanding performance
·Improve productivity, innovation and service delivery.

The Diamond System is designed to:

1) Gather timely feedback from customers and end users on their satisfaction, intentions, and other attitudes towards, and about their experiences with Diamond.
2) Make that feedback actionable through powerful analytics and reports, instantly accessible to the right people at all levels of Diamond through interactive dashboards, pushed reports, emailed alerts, and other means; and
3) Enable Diamond to efficiently manage actions responding to feedback. Diamond’s feedback systems inform the right individuals and teams within our organisation (i.e. site managers / supervisors / operation managers / trainers etc) when customers and end users are dissatisfied and why.

Detailed verbatim suggestions are captured for improving business performance. Business intelligence delivered through feedback analytics can be mined to ensure that Diamond makes investments in the areas where we will have the greatest return on investment and customer service.

Using business rules, customer feedback systems ensure that enough feedback is gathered for results to be meaningful, while conserving and optimising customers’ and end users’ time and attention in providing feedback.
Real-time feedback enables more effective rewards and recognition of both customers and our employees, thereby enhancing satisfaction and commitment of both.

To ensure the integrity of measurement processes and rating scores, on which portions of employees’ incentive compensation may be based, customer feedback systems are most often hosted by application service providers (ASPs). As a consequence of all of the above, customer feedback systems enable Diamond to continuously improve customer service, increase customer retention, win more new customers, improve productivity, reduce costs, and raise profits.

What strategies will be used to ensure continuous improvement for our services?

Key components include:

·Applying our Integrated Management System (Quality, OH&S and Environmental Management Systems) to track, monitor and continuously improve our service delivery to our clients
·Internal and external audits to identify issues, innovation strategies and areas to improve
·Engage the client for continuous feedback on improvements – regular meetings
·Feedback systems through our IT program – surveys of staff, institute key people and staff to identify continuous improvement
·Utilisation of our global network of security professionals and engage leading strategies and innovation including technologies