What is competency?

“A combination of the experience, knowledge and understanding, skills and abilities that an organisation brings to a contract.”

Diamond’s competencies in related contract fields can be reflected in the following sections. Such competency will bring an extensive knowledge, experience and understanding to your services contract.

1. Business Environment

Diamond’s senior management competencies understand the security, emergency and training environments. The following competencies incorporate our management and technical approach.

Business Literacy – This is our ability to understand the line of your business and to take your business vision and translate this into the project vision.

Corporate Procedures and Systems – This is our ability to understand your established policies and procedures and corporate tools; and how to apply them to your service contract and project requirements.

Corporate Culture – This is our ability to recognise and understand your special culture and its impact on the services contract.

Organisational Structure – This is our ability to understand and work within your corporate organisation and team structure.

2. Management Competencies

These include Diamond’s “soft skills” or people-orientated competencies that are critical requirements of our dedicated management team who are dealing with your key team including stakeholders (within the security, emergency and training settings).

Communications – This is our ability to produce clear status reports (clear writing and verbal skills), communicate with you tactfully and candidly, simplify jargon, make you aware of all issues as they arise and our process to resolve and to be an outstanding listener.

External & Internal Issue Management – This is our ability to identify, analyse and prioritise issues external and internal to the contract and develop mitigation plans.

Financial Acumen – This is our ability to understand how decisions affect the bottom line within this contract; knowledge about general financial and accounting principles and practices that impact operations; knowledge about the links between operations and the company’s financial performance is essential to create value for your organisation and the stakeholders of your organisation.

Leadership – This is our ability to motivate the assigned contract management team including site manager, supervisors and team leaders, to set achievable objectives, to maintain a positive outlook, to take responsibility, to make decisions and to provide constructive feedback to your key people and Diamond.

Diamond Company Policies book Emergency Services SOP's front cover Human Resources Manual
Management Systems Manual 3d Safe Work Practices Safety Management Manual
Security Services Induction & Training Manual Standard Operating Procedures SOP manual