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Crime Falls At Victorian Schools Thanks to Security Clampdown

The Herald Sun recently published an article by Wes Hoskin that discussed the falling rate of crimes around school properties in Victoria due to an increase in security measures. “Crime falls at Victorian schools thanks to security clampdown” The majority of offences were identified as burglaries, followed by property damage and vandalism. These types of [...]

Interview Tips From Julian Smith, Diamond Protection Co-Founder

1. Do the research - look the company up online (website, Facebook, LinkedIn) - know more about the company than the interviewer! 2. Get a good night's sleep - don't have a big one the night before 3. Overdress - dress to impress, suit it up, polished shoes, tie, the works 4. Turn up early [...]

Private Security Business Licence Suspended

Victoria Police Licensing and Regulation Division investigators have suspended the licence of one of the state’s largest providers of security guards. The licence of the private security business, based in Parkville, was suspended by police yesterday following an extensive investigation after complaints were received in regards to breaches of the Private Security Act 2004 allegedly [...]

Maritime Security

The Australian Government has implemented a maritime security regime to help safeguard Australia's maritime transport system and offshore facilities from terrorism and unlawful interference. Under this regime all security regulated ports, port facilities, offshore facilities, port and offshore service providers and ships (collectively, maritime industry participants) undertake security risk assessments and implement security plans to [...]

How to Operate a Breathing Apparatus Open Circuit During an Emergency

There are several respiratory hazards involved in fire fighting due to HOTS, which are high temperatures, oxygen deficiency, toxic or poisonous gases, and smoke or suspended particles. In order to avoid injuries and to survive a rescue, you need to know how to operate a breathing apparatus. An open circuit set will pass expired breath [...]