Unfortunately, bomb threats, whether they are hoaxes or not, are a common occurrence when you are in the security and emergency response industry. It is important to treat every instance as serious and legitimate.

If the threat is received via telephone call, the officer receiving the call must record details constantly and get as much information as possible. They need to consider the following points whilst doing their best to keep the line open for as long as possible.

Ask the person:

What type of bomb?

When will it explode?

Where is it located?

Why are you doing this?

What is your name?

Take note of:

  • Any background noises
  • The caller‘s age (can you estimate it?)
  • Their nationality (do they have an accent?)
  • Do they seem to have in depth technical knowledge about explosives?

If the police attend the scene, which is often company policy, you may be required to assist in searches and evacuation procedures.

If searching rooms, proceed in a methodical manner, starting and finishing at common points. Open all windows and doors as you proceed (this may help to dispel any blasts or explosions). Search the low, medium and high areas of each room, carefully inspecting any devices or areas, regions and containers that could conceal items.

Keep an eye out for elements in each room that might arouse suspicion. These may include any of the following:

  • Strange odors or noises emitting from articles
  • Items that look out of place or that no one claims ownership over
  • Residues, leaking oils or greasy stains
  • Articles that are attached to electrical sources or have wires protruding from them

If any article arouses suspicions, police must be notified and the area evacuated, cordoned off and isolated. The article in question must not be tampered with and there must not be any smoking or use of electronic devices within the vicinity. The article must be treated as an uncontrolled explosive until declared otherwise.

As a security officer, you will be required to fill in bomb threat documentation.


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