Confined Space Rescue Training for Workplace Safety

Training to perform a Confined Space Rescue covers the entering and working in confined spaces in resources and infrastructure industries. It includes planning and preparing for entry of confined spaces, entry and working in confined spaces, exiting confined spaces and cleaning up. This type of emergency response training is appropriate for (but not restricted to) the [...]

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VIC Emergency Services Warning For Long Weekend: Crashes Aren’t Accidents

In Carolyn Archer's article for News Mail, Paramedic of 12 years Shannyn Bourke talks about the devastating consequences that are the result of minor distractions on the road, warning drivers for the upcoming long weekend. http://www.news-mail.com.au/news/crashes-no-accident/2593349/ Diamond Protection Pty Ltd (Diamond) is a leading provider of security, emergency and training services. Established in 1995, this Australian owned and [...]

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How Do CO2 Fire Extinguishers Work?

Fire extinguishers work by eliminating contributing elements from the fire triangle. A CO2 fire extinguisher is distinguished by a black strip that runs around the top of the cylinder. This variety of extinguisher works by eliminating two fire triangle elements, heat and oxygen. They are suitable for use on two types of fires, flammable liquids [...]

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What is Shock and How is it Treated?

During Diamond Protection First Aid courses, our qualified trainers teach participants about the condition known as shock. You may have heard the term many times, but what exactly is shock? Shock is one of the body’s defence responses which occurs when the body responds to a sudden drop in blood pressure. This may be caused [...]

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What Can a Blood Pressure Reading Tell You?

A qualified paramedic or First Aid officer will understand the necessity to read a person’s blood pressure if they are in certain situations. You will have no doubt experienced a Sphygmomanometer at your doctor’s office. This blood pressure reading tool works by restricting the flow to your arm and generating a reading on the connected [...]

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Stay Safe! Hazardous Substance Management

Many workplaces, due to the nature of their industry, can be commonplace for hazardous materials or dangerous goods. It is imperative that workers at these locations who are at any risk of coming into contact with these substances, are trained in their approach so as to avoid any detrimental side effects. A hazardous substance is [...]

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What is an Emergency Service Officer (ESO)?

An ESO is a fully qualified emergency response and / or medical professional who works in a variety of industries including maritime, power and mining, defence, aviation, construction and other resource sectors. This is a multi-skilled role covering security, fire, rescue and medical. Training can also form part of an ESO’s responsibility. ESO’s generally work in teams [...]

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How to Operate a Breathing Apparatus Open Circuit During an Emergency

There are several respiratory hazards involved in fire fighting due to HOTS, which are high temperatures, oxygen deficiency, toxic or poisonous gases, and smoke or suspended particles. In order to avoid injuries and to survive a rescue, you need to know how to operate a breathing apparatus. An open circuit set will pass expired breath [...]

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