Varieties of Electronic Access Control (EAC)

  Whilst on patrol duty or managing point of entry at a site, a security officer will encounter various types of electronic access controls. These types of controls are active security measures and act as major deterrents. The locks are electronically released on identification of the person trying to enter. Depending on the type used, [...]

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Emergency Structures within Buildings

  As an Emergency Services Officer or Security Officer, your place of work may be subject to emergency drills or emergency evacuations in some circumstances. In any workplace, you need to be aware of all evacuation and assembly area procedures should evacuations occur. It is also paramount that you are aware of the emergency structures [...]

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Body language in the Security Industry

Nonverbal communication can have marked influence on situations in the security industry. During your security officer training, you will learn extensively about how to use appropriate body language according to your situation. The body language you use as a security officer can support your function as a protective or helpful role. It can also present [...]

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Understanding the Court System

  To understand our justice system in Australia as a trained Australian Security Officer, we need to understand the roles of the various courts. The courts system is divided up into five levels in order to interpret the various types of laws. The use of each is determined by the nature (Common or Criminal) and [...]

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Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC)

In the emergency response industry, it is unfortunate but true that your job will see you dealing with situations where alcohol consumption has caused detrimental and sometimes tragic situations. While there is no safe level of alcohol consumption while driving, Australia has strict laws about drinking alcohol and driving. Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is the [...]

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Submersible Intrusion Detection Systems

Monitoring perimeters to prevent the unauthorised boarding of ships is an important element of maritime security. The environment presents greater challenges to both the security of the property and those wishing to gain unauthorised access. Threats of underwater terrorist attacks are a concern to the maritime industry and port law enforcement agencies. Ports face threats [...]

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Possession of Prohibited Weapons

  It is illegal in Australia for the general public to carry prohibited weapons without a Governor in Council Exemption or a Chief Commissioner's Approval via the Licensing Regulation Division. This includes dangerous articles and controlled weapons. A dangerous article is any item that can be potentially used as a weapon. It may have been [...]

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Communicate Effectively in the Security Industry

  Effective application of modern security procedures is highly dependent on fluent, consistent communication between security officers and their team members, as well as security officers and their clients. It is a standard expectation of the industry that security officers be able to deliver concise verbal and written documentation in order to provide an optimal [...]

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Potential Maritime Threats

  The following are universally identified as potential threats when working in Maritime Security. Terrorism Although terrorist attacks represent a minor 2% of all international maritime incidents to date, the nature of the industry means that terrorism is considered a common threat. Attacks of a biological nature are of particular concern (such as the interference [...]

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