Personal Presentation as a Security Officer

A security guard is a professional individual in the community. As such, they must present a professional image that gives an air of strength, alertness and efficiency. As an employee, you are representing not only yourself, but also your employer company and the client you are working for. Often, you will be dealing with clients [...]

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Understanding the Law

The law is a system of rules and standards enforced by the state to ensure the safety, well being and survival of society. As a trained Security Guard or Emergency Services Officer, you will need to understand the functions and framework of the law in order to operate and conduct yourself properly within the industry. [...]

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Hazards in the Workplace: Identifying & Controlling

Emergency Services Officers and Security Officers must familiarize themselves with their workplace hazard identification policies and procedures. All workplaces should be assessed accordingly with findings acted on to ensure optimal safety and functionality of the site. The following is a list of Occupational Health and Safety policies that can help to identify potential hazards and [...]

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PPE in the Workplace

PPE or Personal Protective Equipment is special safety equipment that you may be advised to wear in relation to specific hazards within your work site. When potential workplace hazards are identified, PPE regulations are put in place specifically to address that hazard. The PPE required for your workplace is decided upon by regulatory bodies and [...]

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Understanding the Court System

  To understand our justice system in Australia as a trained Australian Security Officer, we need to understand the roles of the various courts. The courts system is divided up into five levels in order to interpret the various types of laws. The use of each is determined by the nature (Common or Criminal) and [...]

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Infection Control in the Workplace

As a security guard, emergency services officer or first aid officer, you will encounter pre-hospital environments where cross-infection is a high risk. Fortunately there are some simple procedures that everyone should adhere to in order to minimise the chance of this occurring.   Firstly, what is a communicable disease? A communicable or contagious disease is [...]

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Health & Hygiene in the Workplace

  Health and hygiene in workplaces must always be maintained to high standards. This type of maintenance concerns the preservation of health of yourself and your coworkers. When providing first aid assistance, security and emergency services officers need to be aware of the risks to both the victim and themselves.   The following steps are [...]

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Submersible Intrusion Detection Systems

Monitoring perimeters to prevent the unauthorised boarding of ships is an important element of maritime security. The environment presents greater challenges to both the security of the property and those wishing to gain unauthorised access. Threats of underwater terrorist attacks are a concern to the maritime industry and port law enforcement agencies. Ports face threats [...]

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Possession of Prohibited Weapons

  It is illegal in Australia for the general public to carry prohibited weapons without a Governor in Council Exemption or a Chief Commissioner's Approval via the Licensing Regulation Division. This includes dangerous articles and controlled weapons. A dangerous article is any item that can be potentially used as a weapon. It may have been [...]

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Communicate Effectively in the Security Industry

  Effective application of modern security procedures is highly dependent on fluent, consistent communication between security officers and their team members, as well as security officers and their clients. It is a standard expectation of the industry that security officers be able to deliver concise verbal and written documentation in order to provide an optimal [...]

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