Emergency Services Officers and Security Officers must familiarize themselves with their workplace hazard identification policies and procedures. All workplaces should be assessed accordingly with findings acted on to ensure optimal safety and functionality of the site. The following is a list of Occupational Health and Safety policies that can help to identify potential hazards and risks in the workplace.

  • Children in the Workplace  
  • Contractors  
  • Evacuations
  • Electrical Repairs & Equipment  
  • Communication
  • Emergency  
  • Handling the Media
  • Road Safety  
  • Fire
  • Smoking in the Workplace  
  • Armed Intruder
  • Code of Conduct
  • First Aid  & First Aid Infectious
  • Explosion
  • Food Storage & Consumption  
  • Civil Disorder
  • Disease Control
  • Hazardous Substances  
  • Visual Display Units  
  • Lost Property
  • Manual Handling  
  • Arrest & Apprehension
  • Alcohol & Drug Abuse  
  • Start Shift Procedures
  • Needles & Syringes  
  • Weapons
  • Noise Management  
  • Personal Protective
  • Clothing
  • Equipment
  • Bomb Threat
  • Theft & Willful Damage

All Emergency and Security Officers should practice the following to preserve and promote optimal occupational health and safety within a workplace.

  • Regular inspections and continuous monitoring of equipment, work sites and operations should be completed consistently
  • Meetings with colleagues to discuss health and safety records and hazard, injury and incident reports should be held regularly
  • Any necessary hazard substance communication/signage must be kept in relevant areas

Occupational Health and Safety training must be ongoing to ensure concise understanding of measures and reporting procedures.


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