Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, commonly known as CPR, is a basic life support technique. It is performed using a combination of chest compressions with mouth-to-mouth rescue breathing. It is designed to restore normal breathing and assist in pumping blood to the heart and brain until definitive medical treatment arrives. At Diamond Protection, our staff are experienced in administering and teaching this essential First Aid technique.

When learning CPR, you will be taught using the abbreviation “D.R.S.A.B.C.D”, which stands for the following:

  • DANGER – Check the area for danger before you approach any person in need. This may be in the form of: slippery surfaces, electrical cables, hazardous chemicals. You must protect yourself first if you are to help anyone.
  • RESPONSE – Check the person for any responses/signs of life. If there are none –
  • SEND FOR HELP – Call or get someone to call for an ambulance immediately.
  • AIRWAY – Clear the airway by tilting head back (if the person is not injured or an infant) and removing foreign matter from airways.
  • BREATHING – Check for breathing by watching, listening and feeling. If the person is breathing normally, leave them or place them on their side. If normal breathing is absent, commence compressions and rescue breaths. Place the patient on their back, tilt their head back and pinch their nostril for rescue breaths. Compressions are delivered at 30 compressions to 2 breaths with 100 compressions a minute.
  • CIRCULATION – For children and adults, compressions are performed by placing the hands over the centre of the chest. The chest is compressed to one third of it’s depth 30 times, then followed with 2 breaths.
  • DEFIBRILLATION – Automatic External Defibrillator, or AEDs can be found in workplaces and other public places. They are devices that can automatically determine the heart rhythm of a person and deliver an electric shock in an attempt to re-establish normal rhythm. The devices are accompanied by either written instructions or voice prompts that direct the user how to apply and when to deliver the shock.

This is a basic written introduction to using CPR, however the technique should always be performed by someone with a current First Aid certificate. Our trainers provide detailed, thorough practical instruction to guide people through the steps. This basic life restorative procedure is essential and could just help you save someone’s life one day. Make sure that your workplace and staff are as safe as possible. Contact Diamond Protection today to learn more about our nationally recognised First Aid course for your workplace.


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