If you are reviewing, updating or actually developing your site security plan, here are 9 top guidelines you need to consider:

  1. Risk assessments are critical.  Perform a detailed risk assessment and identify the threats you might face and their likelihood of occurring. Next identify your vulnerabilities and the potential impact on your business.

  2. Security planning will be required if you are extending or acquiring new premises.  Make sure you conduct this early in the planning stage.  You’ll save considerable money when you start early rather than adding new measures later.

  3. Make sure you install appropriate physical measures such as alarms, locks, CCTV surveillance, glazing protection and lighting.  Will you have an outside organisation monitor your premises after hours?  Will you require on site security officers?

  4. Ensure your access points are reduced – have a minimum number and always issue visitors and staff with passes.  Where possible, never permit unauthorised vehicles close to your buildings.

  5. Analyse your mail-handling policy, procedures and systems.  Are they up to date?  Have they been tested?

  6. Do you have basic housekeeping throughout your business?  Make sure you keep public areas tidy and well-lit.  Remove unnecessary furniture, keep shrubs and bushes clear of fences and keep garden areas clear.

  7. What is your recruitment procedure when hiring staff or contractors?  Do you check identities, check references, conduct a thorough ‘assessment and verification process?  Don’t make the mistake of hiring the wrong person who ends up a security risk for your organisation.  Hire slow fire fast!

  8. How do you dispose of confidential waste / paperwork?  Is it sterilised?  Who searches through your waste bins after hours?  Implement a strong policy now.  Also make sure you have proper systems to protect your IT information and take effective IT precautions.

  9. When was the last time your business tested its security and emergency plans?  Do you just watch a ‘user manual’ in the company library?  Does it collect dust?  If you are not continually ‘testing’ your systems it is not a system!  Run a desktop exercise or live drill – test – test – test.

What we do

Diamond Protection’s strategy is to help your organisation reduce the vulnerability to terrorism and other threats which allows your business to continue without disruption and provides a safe environment for your staff, contractors and visitors.  

Visit our website at www.diamondprotection.com or call our team on 1300 669 155 or email operations@diamondprotection.com for your security requirements such as security officers, risk management / crisis management plans, facilitation of desktop ‘security’ exercises, staff training and more.