It is illegal in Australia for the general public to carry prohibited weapons without a Governor in Council Exemption or a Chief Commissioner’s Approval via the Licensing Regulation Division. This includes dangerous articles and controlled weapons.

A dangerous article is any item that can be potentially used as a weapon. It may have been modified and adapted and carried with the intention to be used as a weapon.

Controlled weapons are weapons considered for use for legitimate purpose, but which can pose potential threats to the community. Knives, spear guns, cattle prods, bayonets and imitation firearms are included in this category. Also included are batons, which covers any type of material made into a short stick designed to be like a weapon.
The Control of Weapons Act 1990 provides the framework for controlling the sale, possession, transportation and use of non-firearm weapons and body armour in Victoria. A full list of prohibited weapons can be found in the Weapons Prohibition Act 1998. Possession of any prohibited weapon can carry a significant penalty of 14 years imprisonment.


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