The following are universally identified as potential threats when working in Maritime Security.


Although terrorist attacks represent a minor 2% of all international maritime incidents to date, the nature of the industry means that terrorism is considered a common threat. Attacks of a biological nature are of particular concern (such as the interference and contamination of food supplies), particularly after the 2003 food poisoning case aboard P&O Cruise Liner “Aurora”. During this incident, contamination of foodstuffs spread rapidly among personnel. THe World Health Organisation has urged governments to strengthen their surveillance on this issue.

Crew Smuggling

Ship agents are often involved in the illegal smuggling of people across borders. Generally, these people will pretend to be joining the crew in order to avoid suspicion. Border Protection Command (BPC), the Department of Defence (Defence) and the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (Customs) are the two agencies responsible for intercepting and transporting asylum seekers arriving by boat


Though studies show that piracy attacks worldwide appear to have declined (ICC International Maritime Bureau, 2006), these types of attacks continue to plague certain areas. Nigerian, Indonesian and Somali waters are identified as waters of extreme concern for maritime shipping practices.


The issue of stowaways relates not only the the control of access to vessels in port, but more broadly to the task of securing port facilities on a larger scale.


Other threats Maritime Security Guards will need to be aware of in the industry are hijacking, drugs, mutiny, subversion, espionage and extreme industrial action.


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