At present, the potential for a terrorist attack in Australia is feasible and could well occur.

The National Terrorism Public Alert System provides four levels of assessed risk of terrorism in Australia.  The Alert System guides national preparation and planning, as well as dictating levels of precaution and vigilance to minimise the risk of a terrorist incident occuring.  Further information can be found on the National Security Website.

Australia will continue to face a persistent threat of terrorism, espionage, foreign interferance, including cyber security threats.

Terrorist groups have identified Australia as a target and Australians have been specifically attacked abroad. Persons in Australia have been charged with and convicted of terrorism offences and Australians travelling and working overseas continue to be caught up in attacks directed at others.

Over recent years the threat of terrorism has had a profound impact on ASIO’s work, particularly its volume, complexity and tempo.

ASIO’s role in border, aviation security and protection of critical infrastructure has expanded. We are closely engaged with State and Territory agencies and the private sector.

The next five years will be challenging both at home and abroad and will be characterised by:

  • the terrorist threat from Islamic extremists;

  • the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and attempts to procure technology and expertise in Australia;

  • radicalisation trends internationally and in Australia, which will influence the evolution of terrorism;

  • the potential for violent protest, nationalist/racist extremism and communal violence;

  • continuing rapid changes in technology and telecommunications;

  • an increased threat to Australia from Internet-mediated electronic attack;

  • continuing growth in international arrivals, placing additional demands on our border control work;

  • ongoing demands for ASIO to provide intelligence support to national counter-terrorism arrangements and law enforcement; and

  • continuing high levels of attention to the security of special events.

More specific information about security threats to Australia and Australian interests can be found in the Report to Parliament.