Maritime cargo goes through rigorous procedures to make sure that the content carried is not compromised or tampered with during transition. There are several systems in place that detect any tampering with and allow for the safe assessment of shipping container contents.


Tagging and Tracking

This technology system is a way of tagging containers so that companies may track their course while their in transition between ports. Containers are equipped with electronic seals that have the ability to detect security breaches. Their status is communicated to a web based software security network via radio frequencies.

Gamma Scanners

Gamma scanning is a Seaport cargo container inspection system. It is used not only in the maritime industry, but also with trucks and passenger vehicles. The concept is a non-intrusive scanner that can evaluate the contents of a container. As a gamma ray passes through each material contained, a unique signature is produced via radiographic imaging. This signature is dependent on chemical composition. This type of imaging proves to be very useful, and can be utilised to detect explosives on the basis of their chemical composition. Maritime Security can assess for high levels of Nitrogen and Chlorine in this instance.

X-Ray Detectors

Similar to Gamma Scanners, X-Ray detection produces a “picture” of cargo interiors. With the skilled assessment of maritime security guards, these pictures can be interpreted and analysed to detect for suspicious content.


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