When making vertical descents, the twin rope system is the safest option. It means that two of the same variety of rope are used and clipped to each item of equipment. This way, if one rope fails, you’ve got the backup of the second. Descents are controlled, meaning you can stop and start with ease and control the speed at which you are travelling. The following are steps that trained professionals take every time they make a vertical twin rope descent. Certified vertical descent training and emergency response manoeuvres are part of the key services offered by Diamond Protection.

  • Every time you attach hardware, carabiners should be done up immediately. Make sure the ropes are taken in fully and correctly when setting up your carabiners. If they’re not connected properly, you’ll find yourself upside down as soon as you go over the edge.
  • When coming over the edge initially, keep legs straight so that you’re pushing away from the ledge or beam until you have safely inverted. This will allow for space between your head and the platform, stopping you from hitting into it.
  • To stop mid descent, bring the hard lock down followed by the safety. This will lock your position.
  • When you reach the ground, go lower than you normally would. This means that once you pull yourself up to standing position, your weight will be completely off your gear.
  • At this point, be aware of where your gear is laying so that you don’t tread on it as you stand up and drive dirt through your ropes.
  • Once you’ve completed your descent, remove all of your gear, give the OK and call out “off rope”. This indicates that you are clear of the ropes and the next person is free to start their descent.
    These tips are extracts from the Diamond Protection video “How to descend using a twin rope system” with certified our Diamond Protection trainers. Visit our YouTube channel for this and more instructional videos.

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