The law is a system of rules and standards enforced by the state to ensure the safety, well being and survival of society. As a trained Security Guard or Emergency Services Officer, you will need to understand the functions and framework of the law in order to operate and conduct yourself properly within the industry.

Australia’s law is based on the Westminster system of government. This means that parliament creates the laws, the governmental ministers put the laws into play and the judiciary or courts powers interpret the laws. Parliament can also give other bodies the powers to create laws, such as local council by-laws.

The role of interpretation by the Judiciary System refers to a group of rules called “Common Law”. This type of law is derived from judicial precedent (a court decision used as a source for future decision making), rather than by the powers at Parliament level.

Civil law deals with concerns and disputes between individuals or private parties. These types of disputes may involve contractual agreements, divorce and spousal agreements, defamation. The party who brings the legal action is known as the plaintiff, while the party being sued is the defendant. The person in the wrong in a civil matter is not liable to go to prison, as the aim of these types of actions is to the restore the plaintiff to their position before they were affected by the wrong-doing in question.

Criminal Law is the body of law that, instead of dealing with private disputes, deals with crime. Criminal law is in place to interpret and punish those who have intentionally inflicted harm against someone else, and therefore undermined the safety and secure framework of society. For example, a person who breaks into another person’s car and steals their laptop is essentially destroying the concept that people should feel safe keeping their own belongings in their own locked car. These types of actions threaten the wellbeing of society as a whole. Therefore, the aim of criminal law actions in the courts is generally fines or punishment.
It is important to maintain the knowledge you gain from your security training course that regards the law. This will assist you in your career to assess crucial situations, know your rights and potentially avoid getting sued or charged in the future.


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