Whilst on patrol duty or managing point of entry at a site, a security officer will encounter various types of electronic access controls. These types of controls are active security measures and act as major deterrents. The locks are electronically released on identification of the person trying to enter. Depending on the type used, determination of entry allowance may depend on human interpretation or electronic identification.

Beam EAC

Beam access controls are used extensively throughout society. You encounter them when you go to supermarkets that use automatic doors. Often, these systems are left on to detect people moving towards the door. However if the site is closed or if more control over entry is required, the official in charge of entry may switch it off and on as needed.

Bell Push EAC

This type of lock is unlocked by a security guard inside the site with the use of a push button. It allows for high levels of control over entry.

Keypad EAC

Similar to entering your bank code at an ATM, this control requires the entry of a specific code of numbers to gain entry. A keypad is often mounted adjacent to the door it unlocks. There may be a single code, or several different codes that can be accepted to unlock the door.

Swipe Card EAC

Swipe card locks eliminate the need to manually enter the entry code that you would need for a Keypad controlled lock. Each entry card has a number encoded on the magnetic strip on the back. When the card reader reads the code, the electronic lock releases. These types of locks are commonly used throughout society (eg. hotel rooms). This code is read and can convey information, depending on where the card is used. Computer systems will note details regarding the entry, such as date, entry and exit times, location and identification of the individual.
Your workplace should have appropriate policies in place to inform you of how to act in the case that an unauthorised person gains access to the site. Make yourself aware of the steps you need to take should this occur.


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