Self-retracting lifelines (inertia reel blocks) are the ideal fall protection solution for construction, industrial, utility, mining and confine space applications.
Self-retracting lifelines are fast acting fall arresters that will limit the free fall distance, deceleration distance and fall arrest forces whilst allowing the user freedom of movement. Self-retracting lifelines should always be used above the user’s shoulders to ensure their effectiveness, unless the manufacturer is consulted and confirms otherwise.Self-retracting lifelines have a built in shock absorber that limits the fall arrest forces to under 6Kn. Self-retracting lifelines, can be manufactured from a hardened plastic casing, with a holder, anchorage point with some having rubber grip combined as part of the unit.
The units come with either galvanized cable or polyester Kevlar webbing and in special requirements can be supplied in stainless steel components. Self-retracting lifelines, some are supplied with double action swivel hooks with a built in fall indicator that activates and alerts the user when the unit has been impact loaded.