Diamond considers attracting, recruiting, training, developing and motivating our personnel whether they are security officers, emergency service officers or trainers and assessors of integral importance to the overall successful delivery of our services to our customers.

All personnel undergo stringent police, medical and assessment tests.

Recruitment Methodology

The key factors that enable Diamond to increase the successful placement and retention of candidates for our company include:

* Our management team’s extensive industry experience (Nationally) assists us to fully understand the needs of contracts and the industry in which they operate
* We match candidates’ skills and abilities to your position specific selection criteria;
* The implementation of our integrated, multi-media search process to ensure that the best talent is identified;
* Individually-designed reporting and communication systems to ensure open and frequent communication is developed between Diamond and your organisation. This personalised approach enables us to adapt our services and strategies with clients’ changing needs.

The application of Diamond’s Candidate/Position – Suitability Matrix includes:

* Job Analysis: Our job analysis processes assist our key team to document and understand your work environment, organisational culture, and industry specific requirements. This also includes identification of legislative and safety requirements;
* KSIs: Identification of Key Success Indicators for the position;
* Search Strategy: Matching search strategy to the level and complexity of the position, and the availability of qualified applicants;
* Screening: Application of screening tools and processes against identified key success indicators;
* Validation: Of screened applicants against key success indicators through targeted selection physical tests (push-ups, sit-ups and run), interviews, pre-employment medical assessment including drug and alcohol testing, appropriate psychometric, safety and skills assessments, reference and background checks.

preferTraining of New Employees In compliance with Diamond’s internationally Certified Occupational Health & Safety Management System (OHSAS – 18001:2007), all training and competency standards are audited, tracked and monitored.

Training is conducted for elected representatives and management representatives on an ‘as-required’ basis. Wherever possible this takes place outside of regular work hours and in the case of an employee the person is compensated for their time.

Day to day training (refresher) of the workforce occurs as part of Diamond’s standard induction procedures, Standard Operating Procedures, Post Orders and drills / exercises. Any deficiencies are recorded and a request for retraining is submitted by the supervisor to the appropriate member of the management team. Such training may occur at the request of a client, the introduction of new legislation or the emergence of a site specific issue. As training levels are added to or updated, Diamond adds the information into our rostering / payroll system, our skills matrixes onsite and sends memoranda, notices and newsletters to staff.

All training records and stored on our electronic Diamond Intelligent Communication System (DICS) which provides real time reporting to management and client. OH&S and Environmental Awareness Training will be ongoing throughout the duration of any contract or project. Training is facilitated through Toolbox meetings. Attendance at toolbox meetings is mandatory for all team members. Other safety training includes: first aid, fire and emergency procedures, hygiene, hazard identification, health/safety and reporting procedures.

All training is recorded on training log systems and a copy sent to Diamond’s office. Records are stored on our new IT program portal. Training program(s) are formulated for Senior Management, Workplace Health & Safety Representatives, OH&S Representatives and Supervisors. Staff Induction and Training Programs are a critical component to the success of any contract performance. If staff are not properly inducted and fail to receive ongoing training then issues will occur with the service delivery.

At Diamond we:
• Implement focussed communication protocols between Diamond and the client.
• Understand the true requirements for induction and continuous training requirements
• Implement a comprehensive security and emergency services program and associated reporting procedures
• Implement a comprehensive client site specific Induction Program to ensure that all security, emergency, training and management personnel are totally familiar with all aspects of the site and the processes carried out on site
• Implement training and education programs including exercises and drills which are designed to improve emergency response capabilities

Human Resources Manual


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