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What is Considered a Standard Alcoholic Drink?

  When working in the hospitality industry, security officers and emergency response officers will come into regular contact with patrons consuming alcohol. In order to monitor alcohol consumption safely, officers need to understand the concept of a standard drink. One standard alcoholic drink is defined as a beverage that contains 10 grams of pure alcohol. [...]

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Handling Aggression as a Security Officer

You will come across situations in during your careers in the Emergency and Security industries that will require you to deal with aggressive people. These people may be upset, protective, scared or intoxicated by drugs or alcohol. In any case it is important that the aggression presented is not denied or repressed. Acknowledging anger is [...]

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Varieties of Electronic Access Control (EAC)

  Whilst on patrol duty or managing point of entry at a site, a security officer will encounter various types of electronic access controls. These types of controls are active security measures and act as major deterrents. The locks are electronically released on identification of the person trying to enter. Depending on the type used, [...]

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Emergency Structures within Buildings

  As an Emergency Services Officer or Security Officer, your place of work may be subject to emergency drills or emergency evacuations in some circumstances. In any workplace, you need to be aware of all evacuation and assembly area procedures should evacuations occur. It is also paramount that you are aware of the emergency structures [...]

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Body language in the Security Industry

Nonverbal communication can have marked influence on situations in the security industry. During your security officer training, you will learn extensively about how to use appropriate body language according to your situation. The body language you use as a security officer can support your function as a protective or helpful role. It can also present [...]

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Understanding the Court System

  To understand our justice system in Australia as a trained Australian Security Officer, we need to understand the roles of the various courts. The courts system is divided up into five levels in order to interpret the various types of laws. The use of each is determined by the nature (Common or Criminal) and [...]

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Infection Control in the Workplace

As a security guard, emergency services officer or first aid officer, you will encounter pre-hospital environments where cross-infection is a high risk. Fortunately there are some simple procedures that everyone should adhere to in order to minimise the chance of this occurring.   Firstly, what is a communicable disease? A communicable or contagious disease is [...]

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Tracking & Monitoring Shipping Container Content

  Maritime cargo goes through rigorous procedures to make sure that the content carried is not compromised or tampered with during transition. There are several systems in place that detect any tampering with and allow for the safe assessment of shipping container contents.   Tagging and Tracking This technology system is a way of tagging [...]

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The 7 Steps of Maritime Security Risk Assessment

  The Maritime Risk Assessment Process is known as the “Seven Steps”. It proceeds as follows. Establish Context Firstly, establish identify the key assets and areas of importance. Assess the impact of destruction and the ability to recovers. Do this using ratings of critical, moderate or marginal. Evaluate potential impacts. What will the risk or [...]

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Health & Hygiene in the Workplace

  Health and hygiene in workplaces must always be maintained to high standards. This type of maintenance concerns the preservation of health of yourself and your coworkers. When providing first aid assistance, security and emergency services officers need to be aware of the risks to both the victim and themselves.   The following steps are [...]

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